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European Commission




The items indicated in the Single Form at the application stage will serve as a benchmark when monitoring and reporting on whether a project’s standard visibility requirements are met or not. Any deviations from the options indicated in the Single Form must be explained and justified.


When submitting the Interim and Final Report, the Partner should include a report, with relevant supporting evidence, of field visibility (Section 12.1.A of the Single Form) and for each of the options ticked under Section 12.1.B. This includes photos of relevant items (EU emblem on vehicles, supplies, signboards etc.), copies of/links to press releases and press cuttings, references to relevant publications, links to project related website posts, etc. The amount of supporting evidence provided does not need to be exhaustive. However, it must demonstrate in a credible way that the activities committed to in the Single Form have been implemented as an integral part of the project and at different stages.


A Checklist has been developed to help Partners in their reporting. Partners are encouraged to report to ECHO’s Regional Information Officers using this Checklist regularly, and at least during the stages of the Interim and Final Report.


In addition, Partners are required to indicate, in quantifiable terms, the reach and engagement that their communication actions had.


Communication and visibility expenses can only be approved when accompanied by adequate supporting material. Failure to comply may result in the application of a penalty at the liquidation stage.


In addition to the final report, for above-standard visibility actions, the Partner should also provide ECHO with regular updates during the course of the action, until it is completed.


The final report will need to be compliant with the initially approved communication plan.


To note:


  • When submitting the Final Report for liquidation, Partners must document that the contractual visibility and communication activities have been implemented in accordance with the agreement at contracting stage.
  • In general, expenses pertaining to the internal communication needs of the Partner (such as training, internal manuals, telephone costs, general website maintenance, etc.) are not eligible for funding under the visibility line.
  • In the course of a project, Partners are strongly encouraged to inform and share with ECHO significant communication products on their EUfunded humanitarian action. Normally, this can be done by the Partners contacting ECHO’s Regional Information Office in their region.  This will enable relevant joint communication (e.g. via social media), help us disseminate further your messages, and facilitate monitoring.



Last update: 06/12/2023