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Yes, the principle is that it will not be possible to use certified NGO partners as implementing partners: they will have to be associated to the lead certified NGO partners in the grant agreement as co-partners (co-beneficiaries). It has to be noted that International Organisations and Member State Specialised Agencies which are DG ECHO Partners can also be co-beneficiaries under the MGA (see FAQ 29).

Yes, following the conditions and procedures set out in art. 32.2.1 of the MGA.

The coordinator may request the termination of the participation of one or more beneficiaries, on request of the beneficiary concerned or on behalf of the other beneficiaries. The coordinator must submit a request for amendment (see Article 39), with:

  1. the reasons why
  2. the opinion of the beneficiary concerned (or proof that this opinion has been requested in writing)
  3. the date the beneficiary ends work on the action (‘end of work date’)
  4. the date the termination takes effect (‘termination date’); this date must be after the date of the submission of the amendment request. If the termination concerns the coordinator and is done without its agreement, the amendment request must be submitted by another beneficiary (acting on behalf of the consortium).

The termination will take effect on the termination date specified in the amendment. If no information is given or if the granting authority considers that the reasons do not justify termination, it may consider the beneficiary to have been terminated improperly.

This option is explicitly foreseen in article 41 of the MGA – transfer of the agreement. Only in justified cases the beneficiary of a mono-beneficiary grant may request the transfer of the grant to a new beneficiary. The procedure is done via a modification request (according to article 39 MGA) in which the beneficiary has to provide on top of the grounds of the request, the accession form signed by the new beneficiary and any other document requested by the Commission.


In case of change of coordinator, in the context of a multi-beneficiary grant, the procedure is foreseen in article 39 – Amendments of the MGA.

The term sub-granting is not appropriate here, because all co-partners are the recipients of the grant from DG ECHO. It is for the co-partners to decide how they organise the funds transfers between coordinator and co-beneficiaries/co-partners.

Partners have the possibility to provide information on their VAT status as well as co-beneficiaries’ VAT status, in the dedicated section of the Single Form, namely Chapter 13.8.1 of the Single Form – Details on VAT exemption.

Yes, firstly DG-ECHO will send a pre-information letter to the beneficiary concerned and if no observation are submitted (within 30 days of receiving notification) DG-ECHO will confirm the amount to be recovered together with a debit note.


No, as the recovery will be executed on the beneficiary and not on the coordinator the latter will not be informed.