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The Partners must continuously report on the progress of the Action (e.g. deliverables, milestones, outputs/outcomes, critical risks, indicators, etc; if any), in the Single Form and in accordance with the timing and conditions set out in the Grant Agreement. In the Agreement, the interim report falls under the category of continuous reporting; the frequency of such reports is indicated in the table in point 4.2 “Continuous reporting” of the Data Sheet.

As a general rule, the interim report is not required for Actions with a duration of less than 10 months, unless it is operationally justified (e.g. no possibility for ECHO to monitor the implementation of the Action or in case of remote management).


To know more, see also FAQs 110, 111 and 112

For longer Actions, the indicative reporting schedule is the following:


Duration of the Action in months IR after month IR after month IR after month
< 10 - - -
11 and 12 8 or 9 - -
18 9 18 -
24 9 18 -
36 9 18 30

When the Partner submits a Modification Request requesting an extension of the Action duration, DG ECHO may deem necessary (an) extra IR(s) as per the table above. This should be confirmed with the Desk Officer at modification request stage and will be reflected in DG ECHO letter accepting the amendment – should this entail both a change in the submission date of the IR or the addition of new IR(s).

Being this a consequential change linked to the upstream request submitted by the Partner (extension of the duration of the action), the agreement of the Partner on the new reporting schedule will not be explicitly requested.

If the Partner fails to submit the interim report within the agreed deadline and without any valid justification, DG ECHO may terminate the Agreement with advance notice.


Through the Interim Report the Partner shall provide an update on the status of the implementation of the whole Action regardless of DG ECHO’s contribution, and shall cover up to one month before its submission. The Interim Report can also be used to communicate to DG ECHO any non-essential changes to the Action implemented up to the reporting date. Upon receipt of the report, DG ECHO may request additional information, which need to be provided within 30 calendar days. 

The Interim Report allows DG ECHO to monitor the Action’s implementation, to make sure it is compliant with the Grant Agreement, and, if problems are detected, to decide on possible action. It is expected that the Partner explains how progress values are calculated (in order to ensure consistency with the methodology used at request or approved modification stages) and to analyze whether the activities trend should allow the achievement of the activities / results / objectives.


To draft the Interim Report, the Partner should create the Single Form (new Interim Report) in Appel, following the Single Form Offline - Online workflow. This Single Form will contain all information encoded at proposal (or approved modification, if any) stage, which will appear in non-editable form, and specific sub-chapters, marked with [INT], to be completed with information related to the Interim Report. Once completed and validated, the Interim Report shall be submitted to DG ECHO via Appel. Not all the Single Form chapters contain [INT] fields.

1. General Information 2. Project data overview in the country 4.Needs assessment and risk analysis 5. Beneficiaries 6. Gender and age marker 7. Logic of intervention 8. Resilience marker 9. Monitoring and evaluation 10. Implementation 11. Field coordination 12. Visibility, communication and information activities. 13. Financial overview of the Action. 16. Conclusions and lessons learned

Model Grant Agreement, Article 21.1


Single Form Guidelines 2021